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Giant Red-Headed Centipede

Image of a giant red-headed centipede.
Scolopendra heros
The bright colors of this centipede have a message for you: Handle with great care! It’s of the few centipedes in our state capable of inflicting a painful, venomous bite. More

House Centipede

Image of house centipede
House centipede. More

House Centipedes

Image of house centipede
There are several species of house centipedes in the world.
Exceedingly fast, with a hundred wiggly legs! House centipedes seem that way. We usually see them in houses, where they prey on all the other insects and spiders you don't want around. More

Soil Centipedes

There are many species of soil centipedes in our state.
Soil centipedes are abundant, common and harmless to humans. About all you have to do to find them is lift up stones and logs! More