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Photo of amphipod on a rock

Scuds (Amphipods)

Species in the crustacean order Amphipoda
Often overlooked by people, but eagerly sought by fish, Missouri’s amphipods could be described as “shrimplike sowbugs.” They live in various aquatic habitats, and several species inhabit caves.

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Image of a southern cave fish

Southern Cavefish

Typhlichthys subterraneus
Has a long, flattened head without eyes (the only other Missouri fish that lacks eyes is the Ozark cavefish). Unpigmented, resulting in a whitish-pink appearance due to blood vessels under the skin.

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Photo of two grotto sculpin.

Two Grotto Sculpin

Grotto sculpin live in and around 6 cave systems in Perry County. Adult length is between 2½ and 4 inches.

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