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A Guide to Missouri's Cave Life

Get to know the seventy cave species brought to light in this 40-page booklet. More

Back Cover

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"Back Cover" for the March 2000 Missouri Conservationist. More

Camel Crickets (Cave Crickets)

Image of camel cricket (cave cricket).
Numerous species.
Humps aren’t just for camels, they’re for crickets, too! These odd-looking insects are commonly found in caves, basements, cellars and similar places. More

Ghost Fish of the Ozarks

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Blind cavefish eke out an existence deep underground. More

Grotto and Banded Sculpins

Illustration of Grotto and Banded Sculpins.
Grotto sculpin (left) are a cave-dwelling type of banded sculpin (right). Biologists may soon determine that grotto sculpin deserve their own scientific name, separate from the "regular" banded sculpin. More

Grotto Sculpin

Grotto sculpin are adapted for cave life. The overall color is light tan to bleached tan, with underparts unpigmented. More

Grotto Sculpin

Illustration of a grotto sculpin, side view.
Cottus specus
A rare fish adapted cave conditions, the grotto sculpin used to be considered simply a different form of banded sculpin. It has recently been designated an endangered species under the Federal Endangered Species Act. It's found only in Perry County, Missouri. More

Grotto Sculpin (Side View)

Illustration of a grotto sculpin, side view.
The grotto sculpin is a unique, cave-dwelling population of banded sculpin found only in Perry County, Missouri. Unlike other banded sculpin, grotto sculpin have smaller eyes, paler bodies and other features fitting them for cave life. More

Indiana Bat

Image of an indiana bat
Myotis sodalis
Indiana bats summer along streams and rivers in north Missouri, raising their young under bark of certain trees. They are listed as endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the state of Missouri. More