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Neosho Madtom Best Management Practices

Manage your Missouri streams to help this endangered species. More

News and Events

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"News and Events" for the November 2011 Missouri Conservationist. More

Noodling Box

handfishing noodling box
Wooden boxes are often dumped into lakes for illegal hand-fishing, and this one pulled from Truman Lake by agents had flathead catfish eggs. The eggs will not survive and hatch if males that guard them are grabbed off the nest. More

Record Blue Catfish

Greg Bernal with 130-pound blue catfish
Greg Bernal of Florissant made the new state-record and the new world-record blue catfish with this 130-pound giant on July 20, 2010. More

Record Blue Catfish

Record Blue Catfish
Record Blue Catfish More

Retired: Know Missouri's Catfish

This full-color, two-page brochure helps you identify Missouri's three most popular catfish--the blue, channel and flathead. More

Slender Madtom

Image of a slender madtom
Noturus exilis
Like all Missouri catfish, this species has smooth, scaleless skin and barbels (“whiskers”) around the mouth. In this species, the adipose fin forms a low, keellike ridge connected to the tail fin, rather than a flaplike lobe. All madtoms have sharp, sawtoothed pectoral spines that have a mild venom. Being stung or pricked by one of the spines cause a burning pain similar to a bee or wasp sting. More

State-record Blue Catfish 7-20-10

State-record Blue Catfish
State-record blue catfish More

Study Catfish

A close-up photograph of a blue catfish held by a fisheries biologist
This close-up photo shows a medium-sized blue catfish held by a fisheries biologist. More