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Get the Drift

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A leisurely way to catfish. More

Grand River Fishing, Image 1

Bud Howsman, Chillicothe, has no trouble minding three fishing poles at once.
Bud Howsman minds three fishing rods at once. More

Grand River Fishing, Image 2

Bud Howsman and David Gray fish the Grand River. More

Grand River Fishing, Image 3

David Gray brings in a catfish.
David Gray, founder of Ardent Outdoors, lands a catfish during an outing on the Grand River. More

Grand River Fishing, Image 4

Portrait of Bud Howsman More

Handfishing Nesting Box

handfishing waterheater noodling box
This pressure tank from a home water well system was dumped into Truman Lake for illegal hand-fishing. Conservation agents found a flathead catfish inside guarding eggs this summer. More

Heavy Weight Tournaments

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Huge catfish are pulling more anglers into river competitions. More

Hunting Flathead Catfish

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The author tells you how to sharpen your sights for flatheads. More

It's raining records!

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Closing the Missouri River to commercial harvest of catfish is paying hefty dividends. More