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Catfish anglers can collect cash for reporting tagged fish

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Few people fish for money, but Missouri catfish anglers don’t have to turn pro to collect cash rewards. More

Catfish in Miniature

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Image of a slender madtom
Madtoms are smaller than the hooks used on most catfish trotlines. More

Catfish Management

Download and browse Missouri's statewide catfish management plan. More

Catfish Mania

I spent Saturday night and Sunday morning on the Missouri River with two Nebraska natives who came all that way to compete in the Waverly Cats tournament. More

Catfish Study

MDC fisheries biologists are gathering infomation to help manage blue catfish.
A fisheries biologist wearing a Conservation Department cap and a life preserver is holding a blue catfish in a boat on a lake. More

Catfish Tags Tell a Story

If you think we know all there is to know about the life of catfish, you’d be wrong. More

Catfish Weight Chart

Catch a big Missouri catfish? Use this chart to estimate how much a blue or flathead catfish weighs. More

Catfish with Crabmeat Sauce

Crab and catfish? Why not! Surprise your family and friends with this elegant catfish dish. More

Catfish, MO

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Image of a blue catfish
Imagine a pleasant place where all the residents have whiskers… More

Catfishing Missouri’s Big Rivers

A flathead catfish caught from the Mississippi River
Learn to navigate and fish the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. More