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Brown Trout-3

photo of a fisherman releasing a brown trout underwater
A photo of a fisherman releasing a brown trout underwater. More

CPR for Fish!

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Successful catch-and-release fishing requires special handling. More

Fish Handling and Release Guidelines

Some Missouri regulations require the release of fish, especially blue catfish. Learn to catch, handle, and release fish unharmed. These guidelines show you how. More

I Released A Lunker

Download the "I Released a Lunker" program requirements and application form. More

I Released a Lunker Award

Earn recognition for catching and releasing big trout at all four Missouri trout parks. More

Tag and Release Fishing Promotion Application

Download, print, fill out, and send in this application to engage in tagging and releasing fish in association with a fishing promotion, contest or other event. More

Winter Catch-and-Release Trout Season

Video about the winter catch-and-release fishing season at Missouri's four trout parks. More