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Alien Teeth

I recently received some interesting photos of a “jawbone with teeth” found by a Missourian who was out searching for shed deer antlers. More

Asian Carp Cleaning

Vince Travnichek and Jackson Landers prepare Asian carp for cooking.
Vince Travnichek and Jackson Landers are using an electric knife and a filet knife to prepare carp for cooking. More

Asian Carp Control

Because black, silver carp and bighead carp are non-native Asian fish that can cause big problems, it's illegal to use them as live bait in Missouri. Keep them from spreading to your favorite sport-fishing water. More

Asian Carp on a Stick

Fire up the grill, whip up a spicy marinade, and turn invasive but tasty Asian carp — a big threat to Missouri's waters — into your go-to fish for summer barbecues. More

Asian Silver Carp

Gathering the main ingredient for an Asian carp eat-a-thon was easy, as silver carp eagerly volunteered. More

Bighead Carp

Image of a bighead carp
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis
This invasive Asian carp is not as frequent a jumper as its cousin, the silver carp, but it also leaps from the water when disturbed, threatening boaters' safety. More

Black Carp

Mylopharyngodon piceus
This large, invasive carp from Asia eats mussels and snails and can damage populations of native mollusks. It is illegal to transport live black carp across state lines. More

Black Carp

Invasive Asian black carp eat native mussels, some of which are critically endangered. More

Carp Cajun

Set fire to your tastebuds with this new approach to carp! More

Carp Lemonade

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Image of a bighead carp
Making the best out of some big-headed invaders. More