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American Snout

Photo of an American Snout
Libytheana carinent
Most of us identify butterflies by their color patterns, but you can ID this Missouri species by its long “nose.” More

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Look for the Regal Fritillary, a large, colorful butterfly, during summer in tallgrass prairies in western and northern Missouri. More

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Our photographers have been busy exploring the intricacies of the Missouri outdoors. See if you can guess this month’s natural wonder. More

Black Swallowtail (Parsnip Swallowtail)

Photo of a Black Swallowtail, Male, Wings Spread
Papilio polyxenes
Most gardeners meet this swallowtail sooner or later, because parsley, carrot, fennel and dill are favorite food plants of the caterpillars! More

Butterflies and Moths

Image of a monarch
Learn about Missouri's beautiful and important butterflies and moths. More