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Bryozoan Colony Clinging to Stick

Fingers holding a stick covered with a football-shaped gelatinous blob
Bryozoans are colonial invertebrate animals that live in the water and build exoskeletons similar to those of corals. Freshwater bryozoans' exoskeletons are gelatinous or chitinous (like that of insects). Worldwide, bryozoans are found on every continent except Antarctica. More

Bryozoan Colony Cut in Half

Gray, speckled, translucent gelatinous blob cut in half to show structure
Bryozoan colonies of the species Pectinatella magnifica can form gelatinous masses as large as basketballs, although they are typically smaller. Colonies may be found free-floating or attached to submerged rocks, dock supports, logs, plastic debris or vegetation. More

Bryozoans (Moss Animals)

Gray, speckled, translucent gelatinous blob cut in half to show structure
Freshwater species in the phylum Bryozoa
Bryozoans are tiny, filter-feeding invertebrates. They create colonies that can be mossy, branching, or round and jellylike. More

Fossil Bryozoans

Photo of fossil bryozoans, lacy type
Paleozoic bryozoans are well represented in Missouri's fossils. These three limestone rocks show the exoskeletons of fenestellate or "lacy" forms, common from Silurian through Pennsylvanian periods. These were probably saltwater species. (Average size of these fossils is about 1-2 inches.) Other common bryozoan fossils resemble screws. More

They Came from the Lake

Odd-looking gelatinous blobs are appearing in some Missouri lakes and ponds. More

Wappapello Bioblitz Turns Up Plant-Animal Hybrid

Bryan Morelli, standing in water, holds a MoZoan.
Genetic mix-up could enable Missourians to gather a limit of crappie and a mess of mushrooms without leaving their boats. More