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2014 Small Game Hunting Prospects

Use this report to plan your next small game hunting trip in Missouri. More


Young Man Bowfishing
Bowfishing is a specialized method of fishing that is very popular in southeast Missouri. More

Bowfishing Prospects

Beginning March 1, bowfishing is allowed 24 hours a day on rivers where commerci
Browse bowfishing tips and habitat treatments, ongoing research, and featured Missouri conservation areas for hunting bluegill, green sunfish, carp, carp-suckers, suckers, buffalo, drum, gar, and all other species not defined as game fish or listed as endangered in the Wildlife Code of Missouri in 2014. More

MDC hosts Youth Bowfishing Clinic

Young Man Bowfishing
Participants will learn the basics of bowfishing on June 13 before trying the sport on June 14. Registration is required. More