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2011 Mast Survey: Another Nutty Year

Graph showing 2011 mast crop summary for Duck Creek CA
It is that time of year again. Let's see how nutty things are at Duck Creek. More

Floods and Trees

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Native, bottomland trees tolerate flooding best and recover the quickest. More

Lowland Treasures

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The wonderful creatures and features of bottomland hardwood forests and swamps. More

Turning A New Leaf

This week we started some timber stand improvement (TSI) work on the area. Although this isn't “renovation work” in the sense of construction, it is work being done to improve the habitat on Duck Creek in the in a way you could still classify it as “renovation work.” Below is a little background on why we are cutting down some trees in order to “turn a new leaf” and make room for the future timber stand at Duck Creek. More
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We are not alone

A lot of species travel considerable distances. This winter Mallards and Mountain Lions have been in the spotlight. As temperatures warm up other critters will also be moving around to take advantage of wetland habitats. More