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We Built It . . . and They Came Back

Quail return to the grounds of the Conservation Department's Headquarters. More
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What Do I Do Now?

Check out “The Covey Headquarters” quarterly newsletter. This free publication is published four times a year and is filled with timely habitat management tips, suggestions and success stories from landowners throughout the Midwest. More

Why Do We Still Hunt Quail?

A recent Facebook post asked why we still promote the hunting of quail when their numbers are so low. Let’s think of quail as a poster child for wildlife habitat restoration. More

Why We Don't Stock Quail

We get a lot of questions from hunters about why we do not stock quail. Here are some insights from Department quail biologist Beth Emmerich. More

Wildlife Friendly Farmland

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We'll help you improve your land for crops and wild critters. More

Winter Covey Headquarters Newsletter Now Available

Frank Loncarich approaches two dogs on point.
The Winter Covey Headquarters Newsletter is now available. Sign up for it now. More

Wood is Good, Even for Quail!

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One day a year with a chainsaw can boost quail numbers on your property. More

Woodland Wildlife

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Management restores the natural habitat that Ozark quail require. More