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My Apologies to the Butterflies

Image of a monarch
Do something in the name of quail and it benefits pollinators. Do something for pollinators and it benefits all of us. More

My Grandfathers' Farms

If each of my grandfathers were alive today, they would both be more than 100 years old. More

Newly hatched bobwhite quail chick

Newly hatched bobwhite quail chick
This photo shows a downy quail chick. More

Northern Bobwhite (Bobwhite Quail)

Photo of male northern bobwhite
Colinus virginianus
With its distinctive, clear “bob-WHITE!” calls, the official state game bird is often heard before it’s seen, especially since its brown-and-white coloration helps it to disappear into its habitat. More

Ode to the Bobwhite

The other day I received an email from Rick Fruend from the Saint Louis area. I thought I would share his poem about Mr. Bobwhite. More

Order Native Shrubs for Covey Headquarter Plantings

Now that quail season is over, now is a good time to order shrubs for covey headquarter plantings and shrub row plantings. More

Partnership to Benefit Private Landowners

Jan and Bruce Sassmann, Kyle Lairmore
Habitat Challenge Grant funds will help improve habitat for quail and early successional wildlife. More

Pen-Raised Quail

I occasionally receive phone calls and e-mails from dedicated quail hunters on if the Department of Conservation has ever considered stocking pen-raised quail to restore populations. The short answer is yes. More
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Planting Dead Sticks

planting a seedling
Treat shrub plantings like you would a crop or garden. More
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