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Hard Work Pays Off

Alvin Dody’s hard work is paying off. When he purchased the farm he would have two to three coveys of quail on his farm. Now it is common for Alvin to have six to eight coveys. More
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Hazel Brush and a Bevy of Quail

A good friend sent me an interesting story on How We Used to Catch Quails, by James Williams. More

Heading For High Ground

Last week we had two pounding storms that brought several inches of rain to central Missouri. Most lakes and rivers have been bank full or even worse... out of the banks. It's been the same story the past two years. More

How Many Different Calls Does a Bobwhite Quail Make?

bobwhite quail
Click the video tab on this page to find out. There will be a quiz later! More

Important Plants for Quail

You can help attract bobwhite quail to your land by planting shrubs that create food and shelter for quail. This video shows you how. More

Is Anyone Seeing Quail This Spring?

Habitat is the Key! With a tough winter behind us and wet spring after wet spring it makes you wonder how the quail did. More
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Landowners invited to quail workshop near Chillicothe

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Photo of male northern bobwhite
Seminar is limited to 100. Register by March 2. More

Late Summer Habitat Chores

Back in August, I had a landowner poll to find out what landowners have been doing over the summer. More

Living on the Edge!

I've always said that quail like to live on the edge, but this rooster is really pushing it! More

Managing CRP Grasslands for Bobwhite Quail

Use mid-contract management practices and other wildlife enhancements to maintain the overall best-habitat conditions for quail and other wildlife on CRP fields. More