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Bobwhite Quail In Cover

bobwhite quail
Image of Bobwhite quail in cover. More

Bobwhite Quail Myths

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Studies show that quail flourish when provided with good habitat. More

Brood Habitat: Where the Bugs Are

Weedy brood habitat is best for bugs and bobwhites. More
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Building Better Brood Habitat

Photo shows quail chick in brood habitat
Reduce dominant grasses to create prime brooding cover. More

Calling "Quiet Quail"

bobwhite quail
I have a friend who calls quail. He doesn't use a phone or other fancy electronics. He mimics the fall covey call or, as I like to say, their "come-hither" call. More

Check Your Brood Habitat Now

Photo shows quail chick in brood habitat
Imagine if you were half the size of your thumb and had to catch insects the first 14 days of your life to survive. For the millions of newly hatched Missouri quail chicks this is a reality. More

Conduct Fall Covey Counts

Want to assess your management efforts and hunting prospects? Count calling fall coveys the last three weeks in October. This page shows you how.   More

Covey Count Data Sheet

This simple black-and-white data sheet includes instructions and a table to help you conduct and record your October covey counts. More

Covey Headquarters Newsletter

This newsletter provides timely, in-depth quail-management information for Missouri landowners and quail hunters. More