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Learn more about birds such as this male eastern bluebird by ordering the Birds in Missouri book available for $30.00 plus shipping and handling, and sales tax (where applicable). More


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Bluebird House Plans

Instructions and black-and-white illustrations show you how to cut and build a bluebird house from a single 1-by-6-inch, 5-foot-long board. More

Bluebird on nest box

A bluebird perches at the opening of a bluebird nest box. Plans for building a box like this are available from the Department. More

Build a Bluebird House

Instructions and illustrations show you how to build a bluebird house from a single 1-by-6-inch, 5-foot-long board. More

Cape Girardeau Nature Center hosting program on creating habitat for bluebirds

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Discover Nature family event on Feb. 16 is all about bluebirds and how to construct a nest box. More

Eastern Bluebird

Image of eastern bluebird
Sialia sialis
The state bird of Missouri is associated with cheerfulness; in fact, many say its song sounds like “Cheer cheerful charmer.” You will be glad to see its blue upperparts and rusty and white underparts. More

Eastern Bluebird in Snow

Eastern Bluebird
An eastern bluebird eats a berry while trying to stay warm after a snowstorm. More

Flashes of Blue

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Darlings of the avian world, bluebirds are thriving in Missouri. More

Missouri's Bluebirds

Learn to identify, cultivate and monitor Missouri's beautiful state bird. More