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Blackberries on the Down-Low

A bucket containing glossy blackberries sits in front of a blackberry patch.
An ice-cream bucket containing a quart of glossy blackberries rests on a pair of work gloves in front of a blackberry patch. More

Blackberry Winter

Image of a blackberry flower
Blackberry winter comes without a warning just when you think that spring's around to stay. More

Blackberry-Pecan Squares

Try these rich, sweet dessert bars with whatever berries are in season. More

Common Blackberry

Image of a blackberry flower
Rubus allegheniensis
“Please don’t throw me into the briar patch!” The real truth about blackberry bushes is that the prickles are worth braving—whether you’re a rabbit seeking shelter or a berry-picker hunting the delicious fruits. More

Creamy Blackberry Pie

Try this unusual version of Blackberry Pie. More


Photo of dewberry flowers
Rubus flagellaris
Dewberry is a lot like common blackberry, except that instead of being a small shrub, its canes form trailing woody vines. Both plants are prickly, and both produce delicious deep purple berries! More