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Black Walnut

Image of a black walnut leaf
Juglans nigra
Easily Missouri’s most valuable tree, the black walnut provides the finest wood in the world, as well as delicious nuts. Both are in high demand and thus form an important part of Missouri’s economy. More

Black Walnut Cake

A cake rich with black walnuts and brown sugar. More

Estimating TCD's Economic Impact

Although TCD has not been detected in Missouri, we can estimate its potential economic impact. This four-page bulletin overviews the losses. More

ID and Report TCD Symptoms

map shows states where TCD has been found
Thousand cankers disease poses a deadly threat to Missouri's valuable black walnut industry. Learn to identify symptoms and report them immediately. More

Selling Walnut Timber

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Walnut Trees
An introduction to grading, selling, and logging your trees. More

TCD Kills Black Walnut Trees

Photo of a vial of walnut twig beetles.
Learn what you can do to identify and report symptoms of thousand cankers disease (TCD) in Missouri. Our state's black walnut industry depends on early detection and control. More

Thousand Cankers Disease

Because thousand cankers disease (TCD) kills black walnut trees, it poses a serious threat to Missouri’s important black walnut industry. Learn to ID and report early symptoms and signs. More