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May is a good month to see black-necked stilts and other shorebirds on wetland mudflats. More

Backyard Birds

black-capped chicadee
Set out a bird feeder to attract and enjoy Missouri’s birds. More

Best Missouri Birding Areas

Browse Missouri's top-ten best conservation areas for birding. More

Bird Behavior

Learning to recognize birds' many behaviors can help you identify and conserve them. More

Bird Habitats

Missouri birds use five general habitats: grasslands, towns and backyards, shrubby areas, forests and wetlands. More

Bird-ID Features

Birds are active and fast, and you often don't have much time to observe individuals. Learn to note key features that will help you identify species later. More


Browse tips and tools to get started identifying Missouri's birds around your home or out in the field. More

Birding by Canoe

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Photo of great blue heron
A quiet stream is like an aviary for wild birds. More

Birding on Conservation Areas

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Public land invites both birds and birders. More

Birding Tools

To enjoy Missouri birding, all you need are binoculars and a good bird-ID field guide. More