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An Urban Wildlife Mystery

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The answer had to come up and bonk him on the head. More

Animal Aggregations, Or, What Do You Call a Group Of …?

Which is more fun, a "barrel" of monkeys or a "romp" of otters? More

Anna's Hummingbird_10-15-2010

Female Anna's Hummingbird More

Architects of The Air

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Beavers may be called nature's engineers, but they can't compete with birds when it comes to ingenuity of home construction. Bird nests are among the most fascinating creations in the animal world, and Missouri has many varieties. More

Attracting Bright Orange Birds to Your Feeder

For eye-popping color, it’s hard to beat Baltimore orioles (called northern orioles for a while, then back to the earlier name). More

Attracting Hummingbirds

Ruby-throated hummingbird in flight
Attract ruby-throated hummingbirds by providing food sources for them in your Missouri yard or garden late April through September. More

Author encourages birding for new audiences

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Author emphasizes that mentors and role models by people of color are needed to teach birding and an appreciation for nature. More

Avian Aliens

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Starlings and house sparrows have found a home in the U.S. More

Avian Ally

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photo of a red tailed hawk
Missouri enthusiasts keep an ancient hunting partnership alive. More

Bachman's Sparrow

Image of bachman's sparrow
Aimophila aestivalis
This large, ground-nesting sparrow is listed as Endangered in Missouri, where its historic habitat is in decline. More