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American Golden-Plover

American Golden-Plover
Pluvialis dominica
This inspiring, robin-sized shorebird should receive a medal for its incredible annual odyssey from Argentina to the Arctic tundra, a distance of over 20,000 miles, with about 3,000 miles of it over open water. More

American Goldfinch

photo of American goldfinch
Photo of American goldfinch. More

American Goldfinch

Video of an American goldfinch in the wild. More

American Kestrel

Image of an american kestrel
Falco sparverius
The smallest and most colorful of North American falcons, American kestrels are often seen along highways where they perch on telephone wires or hover over grassy medians as they hunt. More

American Redstart

Image of a male American redstart
Setophaga reticilla
Redstarts flit among tree branches, drooping their wings, fanning their tails and leaping into the air to catch insects. More

American Robin

photo of American Robin
Audio of American robin in the wild. More

American Robin

american robin
Turdus migratorius
A well-known symbol of springtime, this bird hunts on the ground for earthworms and insects. The robin’s colorful rusty-red breast is as welcome in spring as its cheerful singing at dawn and dusk.   More