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Greater Prairie-Chicken (Displaying Male)

Photo of a male greater prairie-chicken in courtship display
Now endangered in Missouri, prairie-chickens breed from March through May. Cocks visit booming grounds (leks), where they dance, call, and fight among themselves. Hens visit the lek and select the most fit mate; mating occurs on the lek during April. More

"Orphaned" Wildlife

It’s that time of the year again, when Missourians frequently call us to report that they have “rescued” or found “orphaned” wildlife or injured animals needing help. More

2008 Missouri Waterfowl-Hunting Forecast

It looks like the dramatic flooding this past year will impact Missouri waterfowl hunting opportunities in a variety of ways. More

2011 Quail Odyssey, Part I

Photo of Kyle Hedges accepting a woodcock from his English setter, Tess.
Wherein we learn the difference between “intensive” and “extensive” cover. More

A Bird of a Different Color

In my position as ombudsman, I receive a number of photos from the public of unusual birds. More

A Hoot

I was sitting in my favorite tree stand Sunday afternoon when a barred owl hooted in a tree about 100 yards behind me. More

A Midwinter Jicker Flicker and a Silly Pileated

photo of a pileated woodpecker on a suet feeder
Being snowed in has its rewards. More