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Blue catfish survey is hands-on

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blue catfish survey
Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) biologists recently wrapped up the first phase of a new blue catfish survey at Truman Lake and Lake of the Ozarks. More

Does a Bear Den in the Woods?

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Missouri Black Bear
An intern's-eye-view of Missouri bears' home lives. More

I Am Conservation

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MU graduate student Alicia Burke captures neotropical birds, such as the indigo bunting on her hand, in mist nets for a graduate school research project at Current River CA. More

MDC fisheries biologist loves job, sampling fish populations

MDC Fisheries Management Biologist Salvador Mondragon

Researcher examines bear scat

Researcher examines bear scat
Justan Blair examines a sample of bear scat at the Resource Science Center in Columbia. More

Snorkeling Biologist

An MDC biologist snorkels to study stream health
MDC Biologist Doug Novinger snorkels for small fish and aquatic invertebretes, to sample stream health. More

Tracking River Smallmouth

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An Ozark Stream
Biologists use telemetry to learn more about Missouri's smallmouth bass. More