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A Long Winter Nap

During a holiday gathering, I found out something quite shocking. More
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Be bear aware in the Missouri outdoors

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Campers and landowners should prepare for black-bear encounters. More

Be Bear Wise in Missouri? Yes!

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Don’t let handouts, intentional or otherwise, create a 500-pound menace. More

Bear Hunt

Jeff Beringer and his bear-research volunteers head out.
After spending time near one of North America's largest furbearers, everything else is a little dull. More

Bear Reports

Although black bears are native to Missouri, they were nearly wiped out during settlement. Now they're making a comeback. Use this section to follow our black bear research project, report bear sightings, camp safely in bear country, and control nuisance bears. More

Bears at Hair Snare Sites

Spring 2011 - Video of black bears at "hair snare" research sites in southern Missouri. More

Beringer and his crew scope out the bear den from a distance.

Den in Sight!
Beringer and his crew scope out the den from a distance. More

Black Bear

Ursus americanus
One of the largest wild mammals in Missouri, the black bear is unmistakable with its black fur and powerful bearing. More