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Out of the Box: Monitoring Breeding Ducks

Wood ducks in a trap
Wood ducks and hooded mergansers are one of the hallmarks of Duck Creek and Mingo National Wildlife Area. More

Peregrine Falcon Banding - Kansas City (2013)

This video shows Missouri Dept. of Conservation biologists removing peregrine falcon chicks from the nest at the Iatan Power Plant and placing leg bands on the young birds. More

Summer Wood Duck Banding 2011

Closeup photo of biologist putting a metal band on a wood duck's leg
This year we have continued to trap and band wood ducks at Duck Creek to help with efforts to monitor the breeding population of wood ducks on our managed wetland areas. More

Wood Duck Banding

Closeup photo of biologist putting a metal band on a wood duck's leg
We put leg bands on wood ducks and other waterfowl to help collect valuable information on population dynamics. Band return data can tell biologists about the survival and dispersal rates of a particular species. This information then helps managers make important decisions on regulations and habitat management. More

Wood Ducks in a Swim-In Trap

Photo of ducks eating grain at Duck Creek CA
There are many ways to capture waterfowl. Swim-in traps help us target breeding or molting wood ducks. We are using several swim-in traps in Pool 1 this summer. More