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Attend backyard bird workshop at MDC Sedalia office

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Get tips on attracting backyard birds on Oct. 15 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. More

Backyard bird feeders helpful in a winter following drought

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Backyard Bird Feeder
For more information on backyard bird feeding, visit MDC online at More

Backyard Wildlife

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Child in woods aiming digital camera
Discover the possibilities for nature photography in your own backyard. More

Backyard Wildlife

By providing sources of food, water and cover, you can turn your yard into a lively place full of fun-to-watch Missouri wildlife. Topics in this section show you how. More

FAQs About Backyard Birds

Browse the 10 most common questions about Missouri's backyard birds. More

Gardening With Water

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Attract more creatures to your garden with a water garden. More

I Am a Recovering Recreational Mower

Work less, spend less and help quail and grassland birds in your corner of the world. More

Inviting Wild Neighbors In

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Even a small yard can attract wildlife. More

Mulberries Fruiting

If backyard wildlife celebrated holidays, this week would have been the annual Mulberry Festival. In mid-Missouri, the female trees of white mulberry are bearing heavy fruit crops. More