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Oblong-Leaved Aster (Aromatic Aster)

Photo of oblong-leaved aster showing masses of purple flowerheads
Symphyotrichum oblongifolium (formerly Aster oblongifolius)
This well-named native aster is notable for the fragrance of its foliage and its crowded, stalkless, clasping, hairy, narrow (oblong) leaves. Like most of our other native asters, oblong-leaved aster blooms in late summer and fall. More

Philadelphia Fleabane

Erigeron philadelphicus
The antique belief that this plant might repel fleas gives the fleabanes their name. There are more than 170 fleabanes in the genus Erigeron in North America. This one is scattered to common nearly throughout Missouri. Native Americans used this species medicinally for a variety of ailments. More

White Heath Aster

Photo of white heath aster flowers
Symphyotrichum pilosum (formerly Aster pilosus)
Of the many native asters in Missouri, white heath aster is one of the most widespread and weediest. It is found in uplands, bottomlands, and nearly all habitats in between. It has a shrubby, wide-branching habit, and the stem leaves are thin and needlelike. More