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Anglers asked to help halt hazardous fish

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Asian Carp

Top fish is a native gizzard shad. Lower fish is an invasive young silver carp. More

Avoid live carp as bait to protect lakes

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Invaders that could harm sport fishing and injure boaters are lurking below dams at Missouri reservoirs. Extra care by anglers is needed to keep them at bay. More

Exotic Invaders

The word "exotic" makes things sound appealing, but these invasive aquatic species hurt Missouri's waters and wildlife (video). More

News and Events

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"News and Events" for the December 2010 Missouri Conservationist. More

YouTube: Flying Fish, Great Dish (Part 3: Deboning Filets & Closing Credits)

This segment is the third in a series of three that teach you how to turn Asian carp into a great dish! More