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Striped Scorpion

Video of a striped scorpion in the wild. More

Swift Crab Spider (Mecaphesa celer)

Photo of a swift crab spider, female, from above.
The swift crab spider, Mecaphesa celer, has many spiny hairs covering the top of its body and legs, and it often has a light pinkish-tan cast. More

Swift Crab Spider (Mecaphesa celer)

Photo of a swift crab spider, female.
The more obvious differences between foliage crab spiders and other flower crab spiders is that these generally are smaller, and their carapaces, abdomens, and legs are spiny. More

The Invisible Forest

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Life and death in a microscopic ecological community. More

The Wild Side

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Can you smell spiders? Do young spiders go ballooning? More


Image of a tick.
Tick. More

Tick (Underside)

Image of a tick
Tick (view of underside). More


Image of a tick.
Three species are most commonly encountered in Missouri.
Some of the most problematic animals in Missouri, ticks drink the blood of humans and other mammals. The idea of blood-sucking parasites is hideous enough, but ticks are known carriers of serious, sometimes deadly diseases. Learn more about these large mites and how to protect yourself from their bites. More

Tiny Hitchers

Pseudoscorpions get around in an unusual way. More