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image of Aphids on plant
More than 1,300 species in North America north of Mexico
Aphids are common, small, soft-bodied insects that suck plant juices. To see them well, you probably need a hand lens, but the damage they do to plants can be all too obvious! More


image of Aphids on plant
Aphids are soft-bodied, plump, pear-shaped, and tiny. They suck plant juices. They have two tubelike projections on the hind end of the body, called cornicles, which aid in defense. Aphids are commonly green, yellow, or brown, but the color varies among the many, many species. More

Green Lacewing Larva (Aphid Lion) With Aphids

Photo of a green lacewing larva eating aphids
Green lacewing larvae are long, flattened, segmented, and lizard-like, with six legs and sickle-shaped mouthparts. "Aphid lions" are insatiable predators of aphids, grasping them with grooved, caliper-shaped jaws, lifting them in the air, and letting the aphid's fluids drain into the aphid lion's mouth. More

Lady Beetle Larva With Aphids

Photo of a lady beetle larva with aphids
Lady beetle larvae are long, segmented, soft-bodied, and lizard-like, with six legs, and are often gray, tan, black, and brown, with small bristles. They devour aphids, which suck the sap from plants. More