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Animal Tracks

Use this guide to identify which animals have left their footprints behind. More

Animal Tracks Video

This video shows you how to identify some common wildlife footprints. More

Macon County Cougar Track

Closeup photo of cougar tracks in mud and measuring tape to show scale
This landowner photo helped MDC's Mountain Lion Response Team confirm the presence of a mountain lion in northern Macon County in April of 2011. More

Mammal Tracks

Use these illustration to identify the mammal tracks you find on your Missouri land or in the wild. More

Mountain Lion Signs

Learn to note the differences between mountain lions, bobcats, and large dogs by their field signs, tracks, and sounds. More

Mountain Lion Track Identification

This video shows how to identify a mountain lion track. More

Raccoon Tracks

photo of raccoon tracks in a sandy river bank
Photo of raccoon tracks in a sandy river bank. More