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Southern Leopard Frog

Video of a southern leopard frog in the wild. More

Southern Leopard Frog

Image of a southern leopard frog
Lithobates sphenocephalus (formerly Rana sphenocephala)
The attractively spotted southern leopard frog is an excellent jumper and quickly leaps into water when startled. The males’ chuckling calls entertain us even as they function to attract females for breeding. Found statewide except for the northwestern corner. More

Species Symphony

hellbender, a large brown salamander resting in gravelly streambed
The music of the Ozarks ecosystem just wouldn’t be the same without the diversity of plants and animals found here, including some pretty weird-looking salamanders. More

Spotted Salamander

Image of a spotted salamander
Ambystoma maculatum
A dancing salamander? Hundreds of them all at once? In the water? That’s how spotted salamanders create their next generation, in only a few springtime evenings each year. More

Spring Peeper

Spring Peeper
Pseudacris crucifer
Their voices a true announcement of spring, these small, slender frogs can be several overall colors, but the X on the back is a good way to ensure your identification. More

Spring Peeper

Spring Peeper
Spring peeper at full croak. More

Spring Peeper

photo of Spring Peeper
Photo of a Spring Peeper. More

Spring Peepers Calling

You might think I’ve gone overboard on animal calls the past few weeks. More

Springfield Nature Center to host reptile, amphibian program

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Learn more about Missouri’s reptiles and amphibians at the “Show-Me Herps” program on Saturday, June 17. More