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Plains Leopard Frog

Plains Leopard Frog
Audio of Plains leopard frog calls. More

Plains Leopard Frog

Image of a plains leopard frog
Lithobates blairi (formerly Rana blairi)
A medium-sized spotted frog, the plains leopard frog is found in pastures, prairies, and marshes. The ridge of skin along each side of the back is broken, and the small posterior section is raised toward the back. It is not present in the Ozarks. More

Plains Spadefoot

Image of a plains spadefoot
Spea bombifrons
The plains spadefoot is a stout, toadlike amphibian with large, protruding eyes, vertically elliptical pupils, short legs, and large feet. There is a raised area between the eyes. It occurs in counties along the Missouri River. More

Plains Spadefoot

Plains Spadefoot
Audio of a Plains Spadefoot. More

Plants and Animals

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"Plants and Animals" for the July 2009 Missouri Conservationist. More

Raising Tadpoles

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Know how to care for tadpoles before you collect them. More

Reporting on Last Spring's Historic Flood Event

Aerial photo of flooding on Duck Creek CA's Pools 1,2 and 3
While the contractors are busy making progress in Unit A, I thought I’d take a little bit of time to give a short report. Check out the video link to see what we found. More

Ringed Salamander

Image of a ringed salamander
Ambystoma annulatum
A secretive salamander that spends most of its time under logs or rocks or in burrows, the ringed salamander isn’t perfectly named: Its “rings” don’t completely encircle its body. More

Show-Me Herps Cover

Show-Me Herps Cover
Show-Me Herps Cover More

Small-Mouthed Salamander

Photo of a small-mouthed salamander
Photo of a small-mouthed salamander. More