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Illinois Chorus Frog

Illinois chorus frog
Image of an Illinois chorus frog. More

Illinois Chorus Frog

Image of an illinois chorus frog
Pseudacris illinoensis
With its stout body and thick forearms, the rare Illinois chorus frog may at first appear more like a toad. It lives in open, sandy areas that were formerly sand prairie grasslands and wetlands of southeastern Missouri. More

Leap into Year of the Frog

Leap Day is the perfect day to jump on the Year of the Frog bandwagon. More

Marbled Salamander

Ambystoma opacum
Unlike many of its close relatives, this salamander breeds in the autumn instead of early spring, and on land instead of in water. Females lay their eggs near a pond, curl protectively around them, then wait until rains make the pond water high enough to cover the eggs. More

MDC offers new guidebooks on mushrooms and herps

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Show-Me Herps Cover
Learn about fascinating Missouri fungi, reptiles and amphibians with these colorful guides. More

Missouri's Toads and Frogs

This 36-page, full-color booklet covers Missouri's toads and frogs, including breeding, habitat and status. More

My Big Fat Bullfrogs

Those loud, belching-croak sounds coming from my pond suggest an army of bullfrogs has appeared out of nowhere. More

New Shrooms and Herps Guidebooks

Two new guidebooks are now available to help you identify and appreciate the species in these groups. More

New Threat to Frogs and Hellbenders

Frogs and herons kept me up through the night. And then the owl started screaming and I realized camping by the creek in the summer maybe wasn’t such a great idea. More

News and Almanac

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"News and Almanac" for the November 1997 Missouri Conservationist. More