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Eastern Tiger Salamander

Ambystoma tigrinum
Tiger salamanders belong to the “mole salamander” family, named because they spend most of their time underground, often in burrows made by small mammals or under logs and rocks. Your best chance of seeing tiger salamander is at night after a heavy rain.

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Endangered Reptile and Amphibian Management Sheets

Browse and download best practices for managing your Missouri property for several kinds of endangered reptiles and amphibians, including Blanding's turtle, eastern massasauga rattlesnake, hellbenders, Illinois chorus frog, Illinois mud turtle, western chicken turtle, and western fox snake.

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photo of Fowler's Toad

Fowler's Toad

Audio of a Fowler's Toad.

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Photo of a Fowler's toad

Fowler's Toad Sitting

Photo of a Fowler's toad.

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Image of fowler's toad

Fowler’s Toad

Anaxyrus fowleri
Fowler’s toad is the common toad of gravel and sand bars along Ozark streams and rivers as well of the Mississippi Lowlands. It usually has paired dark markings with 3 or more warts, and usually has a light tan or white line down the back as well as a dark gray spot on the chest.

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Frog Hunt

Join a first-time hunter as he gets the jump on one of Missouri's elusive creatures.

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Spring Peeper

Frog Music

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Learn to identify the members of Missouri's amphibious chorus.

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Frog Regulations

Bullfrog and green frog season opens at sunset June 30 and runs through Oct. 31. You can take them by a variety of methods using a small game or fishing permit. Daily limit is eight combined total of both species; 16 in possession.

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What would a Missouri summer be without a good, old-fashioned frog hunt?

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Gray Treefrog

Video of a gray treefrog in the wild.

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