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five white plastic baits, all with hooks, attached to a single line

Illegal Alabama Rig

This rigging would NOT be legal in Missouri. You cannot fish five hooks on a pole and line. To comply with the Code, you would need to clip the hooks off two of the baits, OR remove and replace two of the hooked baits with hookless baits or attractors.

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five metal fishing lures, two of which have no hooks

Legal Alabama Rig

This rigging is consistent with the Wildlife Code. Each lure is considered one hook by Wildlife Code definition. Spinner blades were added as attractors to the “extra” attachment points.

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five white plastic baits, two with hooks removed

Modified Alabama Rig

This is a standard Alabama rig “modified” to meet the Missouri Wildlife Code. Note that two of the baits have had the hook removed to meet the three-hook limit.

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several manufactured lures considered "one hook" by Mo. Wildlife Code

One-Hook Lures

Any one of these lures used independently is considered "one hook" by definition in our Missouri Wildlife Code.

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Alabama Rigs

Only three-hooked lures allowed on Alabama rigs in Missouri

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Alabama or umbrella rigs are legal to use in Missouri only if no more than three lures or baits with hooks are attached to each rig.

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