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2009 Mast Crop Survey

2009 Mast Crop survey for Duck Creek CA. More

2013 Mast Crop Survey

2013 Annual Acorn Survey
As the leaves on the trees begin to turn, another fall mast survey has wrapped up on Duck Creek. More

Back Cover

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Our photographers have been busy exploring the intricacies of the Missouri outdoors. See if you can guess this month’s natural wonder. More

Bur Oak

bur oak tree
Quercus macrocarpa
Among the many majestic American oaks with legendary and historic value, McBaine, Missouri's state champion bur oak has a 91-inch-diameter trunk, is over three hundred years old, and survived the flood of 1993. Recently, specialists have been fertilizing and aerating its soil, carefully pruning it, and taking twig samples in order to preserve its extraordinary genetic line. More

Pies, Ducks, and Acorns

Downloadable version of the article "Pies, Ducks, and Acorns. More

Plants and Animals

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"Plants and Animals" for the September 2009 Missouri Conservationist. More

“Mast” survey provides insights for deer, turkey hunters

Information about acorn abundance can help hunters plot hunting strategy. More