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Your Prescription Is Ready

Jun 05, 2012

The echo of the last school bell is still ringing in our ears, and the moans of “I’m bored” already assault us from the couch. We get it. Money is tight, but you want some meaningful time with your family. Take the gang out for some Ozarks adventures. Not sure where to start? MDC can help with that. There are the Discover Nature Family programs offered at Twin Pines Conservation Education Center such as the family fishing day held last Saturday. These programs offer the opportunity for families to learn about the outdoor world together and offer a mentoring component so the family can then expand the adventure as far as they desire.

Green Therapy

Maybe the structure of a program isn’t what you need. You just need some time outside to recharge--to go fishing, hiking or camping. Green therapy is the term for it, I think. Okay, I can almost see the eyes roll with this one, but it is true! A bit of time outside sure can make a difference in your outlook. It is hard to stay upset about things with a fishing pole in your hand. And we can help find that special place to spend time. MDC Online Atlas is a listing of conservation areas and their special features. There are areas with shooting ranges, archery ranges, hiking trails, glades or fens, to name a few. And what better way to cool off on a summer afternoon than at the river? There is way more than just the game fish; an underwater world of incredibly colorful and interesting critters is just waiting for you to discover. Pick up a copy of the free publication "Fishes of Missouri" and a net or two and check it out. 

Discover Nature Together

Get out there and discover nature with your favorite little person. Check out the Related Information link below for a listing of upcoming programs.


Naturalist Reta Barkley takes local kids on an outdoor adventure
Outdoor Adventure Kids at Twin Pines
Naturalist Reta Barkley takes a group of local kids outside to discover nature.

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