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Shooting for a Safe Graduation

Aug 13, 2011

As the new school year begins and students are anxious to start their classes, we can all rest assured that one class is already looking forward to the end: the class of 2012. For seniors, if they’re anything like I was, the beginning just puts them that much closer to the end and so starts their anticipating the turning of the tassel. Though graduation is an exciting time for seniors, post-graduation can be a nervous time for parents. In an effort to provide a safe, legal alternative to post-graduation parties, Doniphan High students have taken the initiative to host a Project Graduation. Project Graduation is an alcohol-free, adult-supervised event hosted in lieu of privately sponsored post-grad parties.

Shooting for Their Goal

In order to raise funds for their Project Graduation, the Doniphan High students are starting fundraising early with a charity archery tournament to be held Aug. 27 at the archery range on Little Black Conservation Area in Ripley County. 3-D targets will be set up at each of the 30 shooting lanes on the range. Four other measured shooting lanes of 10-40 yards are available for practice and sighting in your bows. A nominal entry fee of $10 will be charged for those who would just like to shoot for fun. A small additional fee will be charged for those who would like to compete for a trophy. Half the proceeds from the tournament will go to benefit 2012 Project Graduation at Doniphan High School. The students will also be selling drinks, snacks, hot dogs and hamburgers on site.

Where to Go

With bow season fast approaching, this is sure to be a great opportunity to come sight in your bow, show off your archery skills or just enjoy some great food and help out our local high school students. For those unfamiliar with Little Black Conservation Area, directions are as follows: From Grandin go south on Hwy. 21 6 miles and turn left on Hwy. NN. Go 1.5 miles on Hwy. NN to the archery range on your left. From Doniphan go north on Hwy. 21 10 miles to Hwy NN and turn right. For further information contact Steve Paes at 573-996-2557.

Congratulations in advance to the class of 2012 of Doniphan High School, and thank you for making safe choices and letting MDC help to achieve them!


The reason there are all 12 months on the spring turkey tag is simply that there is a consistent format for permits.  It would cost extra time and therefor extra money to reformat for different permits or seasons.  Just being responsible with taxpayer funds.  Thanks for asking.  If you have additional questions please feel free to contact your county conservation agent or feel free to call us at Twin Pines.

Why is it that when you buy a spring turkey tag they put 12 months on it like you can only use it for a month Its not like you can use the spring tag in the fall ?

Shoot, who would have thought that it was that easy?

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