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Seriously Fun Nature Programs

Feb 08, 2012

Reta Barkley is the Discover Nature Women program coordinator here at Twin Pines. Local ladies, known as the Wild Things, have found that if you plan on attending one of Reta’s programs, you’d better sign up early. Reta does a great job of mixing a conservation message with a great time, and her candle-dipping event is an excellent example. The workshop’s hook is making beeswax candles. The program, however, is about pollinators and how we depend on them. 

Hidden Learning

Think about it—are you going to be interested in attending a program about a little fellow who stung you when you were 6, or are you going to be interested in making candles the way your great-great-grandmother did? You’re probably going to go for the candle-making, and when you’re deep into the dipping, you’ll be ready to hear about the ways honeybees and native pollinators work to keep wild and cultivated fruits producing year after year. Nice job, Reta!

We call this approach “hidden learning.” My folks used it with us when we were kids. Vacations?  No. Summer science and geography field trips. We had a great time and learned so many lessons that I still remember and treasure. That is what we are doing at Twin Pines—offering fun workshops that you will remember for a lifetime, with hidden lessons that will make you think and take action.

Conservation Connections

The next time you see a Twin Pines program featuring a hunt for the Karkaghne monster or a hog-calling demonstration, you can be sure the program is rooted in conservation but will be loads of fun. For a listing of upcoming programs at Twin Pines, check out Related Information below or call 573-325-1381.


Woman holding a river cane dream catcher
River Cane Dream Catcher


Thanks for the notes Beverly.  To keep up with all the events and workshops going on in the Ozark Region, you can check out the Regional web page.  On the MDC homepage scroll down to the outline of Missouri on the right hand side.  Just click on the graphic where you live.  Once you get to the Ozark Region page, the events are listed toward the bottom.  For a more detailed listing of the events at Twin Pines, there is a link on left side of the Ozark Region web page.  Twin Pines is located on Highway 60 in Winona Missouri 1.3 miles east of the intersection with Highway 19 North.  We are about an hour from West Plains.  There are a couple of things you may be interested in this month so check it out.  We'd love to have you!  Thanks again for reading the Pine Needle. 

Would like to know more information on events in the area, and where they may be held. I live in West Plains, Mo. I love the outdoors, and like to learn some new things, I am over 60 but that doesn't stop me, just slower than others in walking and etc. Thanks

Sounds great but where are you located? I am interested in learning, making birdhouses, clean up dates, etc. Where can I get more information on opportunities in the Ozark Region?

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