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Record Heritage Day Attendance at Twin Pines

May 15, 2013

For the past six years Twin Pines has held its annual Heritage Day event as its anniversary event. Heritage Day is a celebration of the unique fish, forest and wildlife resources of Southern Missouri as told through the rich history of the rugged Ozarks hill folk. This year over 820 people attended the six hour event on Saturday, April 16.

Ozarks Present Interacts with Ozarks Past

Visitors were able to interact with staff and volunteers dressed in period garb to learn about resource use and lessons learned from the past. For example visitors could watch a tie hacker use a broad ax to shape a railroad tie from a pine log and ask him questions about how difficult the work was or how much a tie might cost in 1880. The Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation once again sponsored the fish fry where Dennis McSpadden and a host of assistance dished out more than 650 meals.

A Celebration of Early Conservation Efforts

“The Ozarks people learned a hard lesson from over exploitation in the late 1800s and early 1900s.” said Melanie Carden-Jessen. That hard lesson led to the modern conservation movement which is also part of the message at Twin Pines. Visitors also learned historic uses for Missouri woods from a paddle maker, a man crafting an Ozarks johnboat, and a longbow maker. Finer products like dulcimers, mandolins and turkey calls were on display as the makers demonstrated the process. “Some of these activities are still practiced today and enrich the lives of many Ozarks dwellers,” Carden-Jessen said. “Conservation has restored the beauty of the Ozarks and makes it a great place to hunt, fish, trap and log and Heritage Day is a celebration of those early conservation efforts,” she said.


Dennis McSpadden Receives Thanks for Conservation Efforts
Dennis McSpadden Receives Thanks for Conservation Efforts at Twin Pines Heritage Day.

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