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Our Kids Are Worth It

May 17, 2011

everybodys a winner resizedYou can tell what people think is important by where they spend their resources.  Yes, money, but one of the most precious resources for many of us is time. We are fortunate here in the Ozarks that many people put their time to good use with our young people. The National Wild Turkey Federation and its local chapters are a great example. 


There are chapters in each of the three counties served by the Current River District Conservation Team: the Current River Callers, the Southern Ozark Longbeards and the Current River Long Beards. Each of them spend a considerable amount of time and energy hosting events called JAKES Days for area youth. These events are filled with activities, gift bags, memberships to the youth NWTF organization and drawings for some pretty substantial prizes including shotguns. And while these events aren’t cheap to put on, they are free to the kids, meaning everyone is encouraged to attend--another example of the importance they place on our kids.  

Coming Soon to a Town Near You

On Saturday, May 21, the Southern Ozark Longbeards Chapter of the NWTF in cooperation with Missouri Department of Conservation and U.S. Forest Service will provide a day of outdoor fun for youth 13 years of age and younger.  Registration will start at 8 a.m. at the Ripley County Fairgrounds. For more information contract Dianna Bland at 573-996-6340. Two chapters host events at Twin Pines Conservation Education Center. The Current River Long Beards will host an event on Saturday, June 11, and the Current River Callers later in the fall. 

We All Benefit

The local chapters of the NWTF have worked to provide good fun and instruction to local youth so they grow up with an understanding of the heritage of hunting and how to do so in the most ethical and safe manner possible. This benefits everyone, not just the ones who attend the programs. Have you got a little time you can spend with our kids? Want to get involved? For more information call 573-325-1381. To learn more about Discover Nature Hunting, hunter education and other programs offered by the Missouri Department of Conservation, check out the World Wide Web at

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