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Nature’s Night Shift

Mar 07, 2014

One of the best hikes I ever led was at night at the Jerry Presley Conservation Education Center in early September.  We had just started out on the hike and noticed lights crawling in and out of the grass.  While we had our flashlights trained at the ground investigating what turned out to be glow worms, an eft stage newt crossed under our beam of light.  And the night only got better from there!

Eastern Screech owls sent a volley of their ghostly calls from one side of the holler to the other warning off interlopers.  The laughing call of a barred owl call signaled an abrupt halt of the screech owl conversation lest they be the entrée for their larger cousin.   Armadillos thrashing through the underbrush, a recently felled dogwood giving off a purple glow of a fungus beginning the slow process of turning wood to soil – the night shift was hard at work. 

The woods at night are full of sounds and smells that we may not recognize.  Many people have fears associated with the night but nothing that a flashlight with some red cellophane - so you don't ruin your night vision- won’t expose.  Discover nature’s sights, sounds and smells at night at a conservation area near you. 


Night Hike
Night Hike

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