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Missouri's Wild Justice

Mar 06, 2011

agent presentationThe trend of reality shows finally made it to the world of game wardens and agents with the introduction of the TV show “Wild Justice.” The show seems to have sparked some interest in area youth who are now doing some investigating of their own into possible career choices.

Is This the Right Choice for You?

At Twin Pines Conservation Education Center, we hear from many young people who are interested in careers with MDC. We try to narrow down their field of interest and provide information and opportunities that will help them decide if this is the right choice for them. Sometimes these conversations begin with their interest in hunting and fishing; and while we certainly encourage all young folks to get out and do just that, there is much more to consider when choosing a career with MDC.

Agent Tools of the Trade

child with telemetry wandEarlier this year, conservation agents from Carter and Shannon counties joined the staff at Twin Pines Conservation Center for the Discover Nature Family program Conservation Crime Fighters. Area youth and their parents learned how to take and lift fingerprints, extract DNA, cast a footprint in plaster and investigate a suspected mountain-lion kill. Agents shared their experience and demonstrated some of the equipment they use, such as night vision and telemetry, used to track down wildlife taken illegally.

How Can You Get Started?

If you are interested in a career with the Missouri Department of Conservation there are a few things you can do in general that will help, such as public speaking, computers and sciences. Volunteering for MDC is one way to learn more, and some job-shadowing opportunities are also available.

For more information call the Twin Pines Conservation Education Center at 573-325-1381.


Thanks for the comment sgolay.  We are very proud of the work our agents do and I have to agree they are the trend setters.  The untimate professionals and I so admire the work they do.  Missourians are very lucky to have such a dedicated force.  Thanks again for the comment and I will be sure to pass it along. 

Glad to see Reality TV getting "real" instead of being juvenile. Missouri is a trend setter in the conservation field. :)

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