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But I Don't Want It Under My House...

Mar 05, 2012

One of the common questions we get at Twin Pines this time of year is how to rid yourself of animals that have taken up residence under your home. People like seeing wildlife for the most part, they just don’t want it under their house whether because of the resulting noise, damage or smell. You need to close off the access animals have found or created, but you want to make sure there are no stragglers trapped inside.

Exit Only

One-way doors can prove very successful. Animals can leave but they can’t get back in. This simple door can be constructed from hardware cloth with minimal cost. First, secure wire mesh to the structure completely covering the opening. Leave the bottom long enough to bury the hardware cloth 10 to 12 inches below ground to keep the animal from burrowing to gain access. If you don’t want to bury it you can try staking it down securely, but, again, extend the bottom 10 to 12 inches. Cut an opening large enough for the animal to fit through, then construct a door from another piece of hardware cloth at least 6 inches larger on all four sides. Use wire to make hinges for your door at the top. The door should swing away from the structure. Check out the area you are going to seal carefully. Make sure no young will be separated from mom. After a week or so, you can seal the access more permanently.

For More Information

For more detailed plans check out the links below. You might consider providing alternate shelter options if you do like having animals around. Without suitable substitutes, they may move on. Brush piles are great, but a nice gray dogwood may suit some animals just fine. Missourians love their wildlife, and it should be everyone’s goal to resolve wildlife conflict humanely. For more information contact Twin Pines, your local MDC office or county conservation agent.


Opossum in snow
Opossum in Snow
An opossum walks on snow in search for food after a snow storm at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area near Columbia, Mo.


I find your article, very interesting. :) Thank, cordially. Luc Bizet

Can I clone your article to my blog? Thank you.

Thanks for your interest Olivia.  Glad you like the article.  You can link to any MDC blog.  Cloning and re-posting however is not permitted.  Thanks again for the interest in the Pine Needle. 

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