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Don't Wait Till You See the Whites of Their Eyes

Mar 13, 2014

When a school closes for a week for deer season, that makes a statement. Hunting is a big part of our world here in Shannon County. Unfortunately, too many folks wait till the last minute to get hunter education certified. Since the hunter education program has been revised, it is easier than ever to get certified, but you still need to register and plan ahead.

Get the Knowledge

Last year, the program underwent several changes. Students must complete and pass two parts to the new hunter education program to obtain certification. Gone is the 10 hour classroom session; replaced by a knowledge section and a 4 hour skills section. The knowledge portion of the course may be completed in any of three ways: a classroom portion, a self-study, or an internet option. For more information on requirements see the Related Information link below.

Get the Skill

Students wanting to attend a skills session must pre-register. Registration is easy and online. Check out the Related Information below to find a class and sign up. The class is available to students age 11 and up who have completed any of the knowledge options. If you do the self- study, remember to do all the study sections. Participants must take and pass a test of the information from the knowledge portion upon arrival and before completing the skills session.

Get to the Turkey Woods

Hunter education is mandatory for those born after January 1, 1967 who hunt with any permit other than a landowner permit. If you do miss the class this year you still have options. Hunters may participate as a youth until they are 16 and in the apprentice program for two years. Both options require the immediate presence of a properly licensed adult. Missouri is a great place to hunt and fish so get ready to spend some time in the turkey woods this spring.


Hunter Education
Hunter Education

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