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Discover Nature Fishing at Twin Pines Conservation Education Center

Jun 05, 2014

Free, hands-on fishing instruction for kids and families

Fishing is a great way for kids and families to have fun outdoors, learn about conservation, and make happy memories together. Our Discover Nature — Fishing Program helps kids and their families gain the skills and confidence to go fishing on their own. Don't let inexperience keep you and your kids from enjoying Missouri's great outdoors. Classes are offered this summer at Twin Pines Nature Center and are open to youth ages 7 to 15 accompanied by an adult or families consisting of adults registering along with their child of any age. People age 16 and older cannot register alone for Discover Nature — Fishing classes as they must be part of a family registration.

There are four, two-hour lessons available in the Discover Nature – Fishing program. Lesson one covers basic equipment, proper casting techniques and fish handling. Lesson two teaches youth how to tie a knot and bait a hook. Lesson three covers identification of five common Missouri fish including their anatomy, habitat and life cycle. Lesson four explores when and how to fish with different types of lures and covers fishing regulations. You can take one lesson or complete the entire program of four lessons, beginning with lesson one.

To attend a Discover Nature – Fishing event, pre-registration is required but all the equipment and instruction will be provided. Participants are asked to dress suitable for the outdoors with footwear and clothing that can get muddy if necessary.

To Register

You may register for an event by calling the Twin Pines Nature Center at 573-325-1381 or the Ozark Regional Office at 417-256-7161.

  • Lesson one: Equipment, Casting, and Proper Fish Handling
  • July 5th (9 to 11 and 1 to 3) and July 12th (1 to 3)Lesson two: How to Tie a Knot and Bait a Hook
  • July 12th (9 to 11)Lesson three: Five Common Missouri Fish - Their Anatomy, Habitat, and Life Cycle
  • July 19th (9 to 11)Lesson four: Fishing with Lures and Fishing RegulationsAugust 2nd (9 to 11)


Steve and Paul patiently wait while fishing from the bank at the Twin Pines CEC.
Fishing at Mule Camp Pond
Steve and Paul patiently fish from the bank at the Twin Pines Conservation Education Center's Mule Camp Pond.


My kids will be there!

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