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Cool Programs for a Hot July

Jun 23, 2011

elk and preschool in lineDon’t let the hot July weather keep you inside. Twin Pines has some cool programs for the whole family. On July 16 there will be a lock-in at the nature center, kind of like “A Night at the Museum,” but none of the pelts will come back to life. Scheduled are night hikes, an elk-calling contest and a campfire complete with stories, skits, hot dogs, toasted marshmallows and, of course, s’mores! Later we will watch “Where the Red Fern Grows” on the big screen with popcorn.

Toddler Tales

Other programs in July include the Little Stinkers Storytime on Thursday, July 21. Turtle Splash is July’s topic and will include an outdoor excursion with volunteers to look for turtles on the Twin Pines grounds to include in a mark-and-recapture study.

Rocket Through the Skies

A summer favorite at Twin Pines is the Discover Nature Families: Raptor Rockets. Held on Saturday, July 23, everyone can learn about the raptors that soar Missouri skies. Then each member of the family will have the opportunity to build their own rockets representing one of these raptors.

For the Birds

Finally, there will be an appliqué class on July 30 with a focus on Missouri birds.

Always Lots to Do

Remember that Twin Pines has something to do for everyday visitors as well, such as fishing, hiking, going on a scavenger hunt, geocaching, taking in the exhibits including the 1910 schoolhouse, 46 Chevy Showboat or old log cabin, or just relaxing and watching the birds. It makes a great jumping-off place for folks visiting the area attractions. For more information on these programs or to register call 573-325-1375.


I would love to join the programs, but cant :( Cheers!

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