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Area Youth to Benefit from Education Firearms Purchase

Dec 01, 2010

Getting a set of demonstration firearms has always been a problem for area hunter-education instructors. Many would bring in their own working firearms for demonstration. Students could learn the actions but just didn’t have the opportunity to really learn the firearms--how they work, how they feel--until now.

Grant Funding

Shannon, Carter and Ripley county youth will now be able to have hands-on instruction on safely handling the five most common firearm actions thanks to a grant from the National Wild Turkey Federation’s (NWTF) Current River Callers Chapter and the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation. The Twin Pines Conservation Education Center received a set of the International Hunter Education Firearms developed by the Remington Firearms Company to aid hunter-education instructors. These firearms are fully functional, including the safeties and actions, but with no firing pins. Students can operate the firearms, cycle dummy ammunition through the firearms and get a real feel for the firearms. Students learn the effort needed to load, cock and engage the safeties on each of the firearms without the possibility of an accidental discharge.

Everyone Can Appreciate

These International Hunter Education Association firearms sets are to be produced on a limited basis, but the $1,800 price tag for the firearms and locking case meant that they were out of reach in these tough economic times. Now the students who take hunter education here in the Ozarks have a little more knowledge on how to handle each of the common firearm actions safely. Anyone who walks in the woods should appreciate that.

Get Involved

For more information on how you can get involved in hunter education, the Current River Callers or the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation, call the Twin Pines staff at 573-325-1381.

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